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Get more feel-good stories

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The Beyond

Explore the magical, mysterious, and macabre and venture into the unknown with Joe Borrelli and The Devil's Advocate... plus special surprise guests.

Aired August 3, 2017

Can Fur Babies Sense Spirits?

Mom spots family dog acting strangely in security footage! Then, a young puppy freaks out in an empty room, and a Labrador retriever senses a ghost cat. Can our fur babies sense spirits, or are they just being weird? We're investigating the truth on The Beyond!

Aired July 27, 2017

Is Slender Man Real Or Just An Internet Hoax?

Dad spots 11-foot-tall man sneaking up behind his daughter! Then, a bizarre figure is caught on film standing outside Mom's front door. Is Slender Man real, or is this just a silly internet hoax? We're discovering the truth on The Beyond!

Aired July 20, 2017

Do Civil War Ghosts Still Haunt Gettysburg?

Weird floating white objects are seen on the side of a road! Plus, a father and son come face-to-face with an angry spirit. Skeptic Joe Borrelli has "debunked" Civil War ghosts, but now Paul is proving the actual truth on The Beyond!

Aired July 13, 2017

Do Magical Gnomes And Trolls Live Among Us?

Cop spots 5-inch man hiding inside a car! Then, Dad accidentally films strange gray blob sneaking up behind his kids. Plus, weird noises are heard inside of an old tree. Are magical gnomes and trolls living all around us, or are they just a silly myth?

Aired July 6, 2017

Are Ghosts All Around Us?

Have EVPs caught the chatter of otherworldly spirits, or is it all just a playful trick? That's what Joe and Paul hope to uncover on this episode of The Beyond.

Aired June 29, 2017

Can People Really Levitate?

A wedding dance video captures a groom stunning the bride's family with his powers! Then, security camera spots a young woman floating in her bed, and a lost hiker films a girl flying in the woods. Is the human mind capable of levitation and unthinkable abilities, or is this just a simple old magic trick? We're discovering the otherworldly truth on The Beyond!

Aired June 22, 2017

Are Magical Elves A Hoax?

Do you believe in the existence of magical elves? That's the question Paul and Joe debate on this episode of The Beyond.

Aired June 15, 2017

Are The Mighty Chupacabra Real?

Police dash cam captures strange gray mass running in the middle of the road! Then, an unidentified creature is spotted in an American neighborhood. Should you fear the mighty chupacabra, or is it just a silly old hoax?

Aired May 25, 2017

Can Magical Fairies Really Exist?

Are magical fairies real? Joe Borrelli and Paul Morris set out to discover the truth behind these mysterious creatures.

Aired May 18, 2017

Is This A Real Dragon Caught On Film?

Joe Borrelli and Paul Morris dive into a deep cave to discuss whether or not fire-breathing dragons are real. Are these scaly beasts real or fantasy?